Top 10 outdoor activities in the North


If you ask ordinary Singaporeans which part of Singapore is a good place for having fun, the percentage of people who mention the North part of Singapore is pathetic. When mentioned about this little out-of-way location, people will probably reckon this place as a place with lower-priced property (as compared to elsewhere of Singapore), Woodland Industrial area, the causeway to go JB or maybe Chong Pang Nasi Lemak.

In the past 10 years, the North has slowly gains attention when the government pinned this area inside their long-term national development road map. Seletar aerospace opens a direct route into Yishun; the completion of North Point City, which is the largest shopping mall in the North; the construction of Canberra MRT station (within minutes-walk to upcoming Parc Canberra EC) and the entire North Regional Corridor concept of developing another business center in the North.

However, back to our question, what are the activities we can do in the North to kill our bore? I am surprised to realize that it is a perfect quick escape for families and also teenagers to break out of the city life. North Singapore has its old-world charm and laid-back vibe, people can choose the destination either to shop in North Point City or Kayaking in the Sungai Khatib. For me, I love outdoor activities, it can make me feel fresh and help to burn some fats. Here I would like to suggest a dozen activities for us to step out of our comfort zone and sweat our way into another day.


1. Kayak to Khatib Bongsu

Khatib Bongsu is an area of mangroves and flatlands, it is one of Singapore’s last un-dammed river. This area attracts many groups of people such as birdwatchers, joggers, nature lovers, fishing enthusiasts and the member of  Singapore Adventurous & Nature-Lovers. Paddling through the still waters of Sungai Khatib and enjoying the chirping of birds can be an amazing experience you have with nature. However, you have to be a member of the mentioned club to join the kayaking group.


2. Enjoy Thrilling Tactical Action at Paintball

Despite the fun, pain, and excitement, paintball teaches you the crucial skill of teamwork and communication. Pre-qualification to join the action is you have to be above 14 years old, brave and must be able to bear some bruises.You can choose from the different game packages and will be led by an experienced facilitator. Paintball is the must-try in your bucket-list, a small fee is payable.


3. Practice Your Acrobatic Flips at Wake Pirates Wakeboarding

If you thought you could only wakeboard at East Coast Park, now you have an alternative destination. Regardless you are a beginner or the acrobatic expert, you will find everything here tailored for you including the professional equipment and experienced instructors. A fee is payable.


4. Take a Soak at Sembawang Hot Springs

The Sembawang Hot Spring only natural hot spring in Singapore, its water has been bottled by Fraser and Neave (F&N) and packaged under the local name Seletaris. This can be a family activity that everyone having fun by soaking their tired feet into the hot spring. You can come in the morning with raw eggs and toast in tow, and enjoy your breakfast of kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs with the feet soaked! Shiok!


5. Visit the Goats at Hay Dairies

These hairy, wide-eyed and adorable animals are simply too difficult to resist. This can be the family learning trip where kids will get the chance to watch the milking process. If you are brave enough, give goat milk a try, where you can purchase the goat milk in original or in chocolate flavor.


6. Learn to Fly (an Aeroplane) at the Republic of Singapore Flying Club

You can try leisure flying here in the flying club or simply sitting back and watch the plane fly around. The Republic of Singapore Flying Club offers you the opportunity to obtain a Singapore Private Pilot License – after passing a battery of tests. Please give the flying club a call before you go down.


7. Duel with Fellow Gamers at Gamersaurus Rex

This place may just serve a specific group of teenagers who love gaming. It is a one-stop haven for gamer and gaming event venue, where game tournaments are organized. Here carry many kinds of games including a board game and card game, where you can battle with a fellow gamer. If you are the Gamersaurus Rex member, you will enjoy exclusive promotions on games and merchandise.


8. Go on a Date at Woodlands Waterfront Park

It is another lover spot or family outing attraction in the North. Enjoy a stroll along the 1.5km long waterfront promenade, looking at the unobstructed view of the entire coastal park and the Straits of Johor. You will find joggers, cyclists, and many “leisure people” chill out at the rest points along the trail.


9. Venture Outdoors at Water Venture (Sembawang)

It is a perfect place to go for outdoors adventurous activists. The activities include kayaking, sea-rafting, nature trails, orienteering courses, camping, and outdoor cooking. You can also rent dormitories on site. Invite your friends and do things together outdoors and harness a better relationship among your cohort. A small fee is payable.


10. Race Your Friends Round the Tracks

For the first timer, try the fun kart and familiarise yourself in the Viper Kart. Once you become skillful, you can go for the Birel Kart, in which the speeds are up to 50km/h. Pull your friends and race yourselves around the track to see who will emerge as the grand champion! A fee is payable.