Bukit Canberra (Sembawang Integrated Hub)

On 1st Jul 2018, Sembawang GRC MPs held a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the Sembawang integrated hub, Bukit Canberra. It is a 12-hectare integrated car-lite sport and community hub which is set to be opened in phrases from 2020 and is expected to be fully operational by September 2021 which will benefit the resident at Parc Canberra EC. Bukit Canberra will have facilities by Sport Singapore (SportSG), National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP), National Environment Agency (NEA) and National Parks Board (NParks). It will provide amenities such as indoor and outdoor sport facilities, swimming pools, polyclinic, a senior care centre, hawker centre, green spaces for community farming and lifestyle related amenities for the community. Located next to Sembawang MRT, it is making also the integrated hub easily accessible through the public transport.

With inputs from National Heritage Board (NHB), Bukit Canberra will also highlight the heritage of the area. Heritage story boards will be featured around the green spaces of Bukit Canberra for residents and visitors to learn more about the history of the area as a former naval base and its historic structures, including a National Monument.

The development and landscaping of Bukit Canberra is shaped around the existing terrain. It retains the hilly characteristics and lush vegetation. More trees and shrubs will be planted throughout the entire site and be integrated with the various facilities to enhance the existing greenery and biodiversity, thereby allowing users to enjoy the hub’s features in a natural setting while at the same time bringing them closer to flora and fauna. In line with the existing vegetation on site, a forest buffer around the periphery of Bukit Canberra will be conserved. It will be planted up progressively to help it mature into a tropical secondary rainforest and complement the surrounding NParks Nature Ways. There will also have running trails of varying difficulty passing through different landscapes throughout the hub, providing a range of experiences. The Fruit Orchard and Food Forest will showcase a variety of fruit trees and food plants, and the community will be able to grow their own plants in the community gardens

What does this going to bring to the residents in Sembawang? Let’s take the polyclinic for example. The polyclinic is part of MOH’s plan to invest in primary care, and to enable Singaporeans to receive care closer to home. It will offer a range of medical services to cater to the healthcare needs of residents in Sembawang. These will include treatment for acute and chronic diseases, women’s health services such as cervical and breast cancer screening, and child health services like immunisation and developmental assessment. With the new polyclinic situated there, the residents in Sembawang do not need to travel all the way to Yishun or Marsiling. It helps the residents to save time and money on transports. Not just the Sembawang residents, the residents who staying near Sembawang such as those who are staying in The Visonaire, The Brownstone and as well as the upcoming Parc Canbarra will also be benefited from this development. They can either take train from the new Canberra MRT or bus or even a short walk to it.

Beside the polyclinic, there is also a Senior Care Centre. The Senior Care Centre will provide a range of health and social care services for seniors, including day care and rehabilitation services, so that seniors requiring care can be supported within the community. The centre will also offer home-based care services to frail and elderly residents living in the area.

The hub will also have an Active Health Lab and Nutrition Studio to serve the Sembawang residents. The Active Health Lab, supported by Active Health Experts, is a proactive space where people can learn about preventive healthcare and exercise advisory through the management of Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Screen Time. The Lab leverages on knowledge of exercise, sport science, medicine, health and wellness that is supported by technology to encourage the community to embrace active living on a sustained basis with the aim of promoting the ownership of one’s health.

How about swimming pool? Yes, in the past, when the residents in Sembwang want to go for a swim, they will either go to Yishun Swimming Complex or Woodlands Swimming Complex. Meaning, they will need to take MRT train and then switched to bus before they can reach there. With the new swimming pool at Bukit Canberra, they will just need to walk there. It saved both their time and money. There will be a six-lane sheltered swimming pool and an eight-lane lap pool, a wading pool and a fun pool for children. With the sheltered swimming pool, the residents can also go swimming in rainy days. Beside swimming pool, Bukit Canberra will also have an Indoor sport hall for sports like basketball and badminton, an Inclusive gym, an outdoor forest gym and fitness studios.

Next is the hawker centre, the nearest hawker centre near Sembawang is either Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre or Chong Pang Market & Food Centre. With the new hawker centre conveniently located at the north-west side of Bukit Canberra, and easily accessible to the rest of the development, the residents in Sembawang do not need to travel far to enjoy hawker foods. It will feature over 40 stalls and more than 700 seats. Residents can look forward to enjoy affordable hawker fare in a park-like environment, as eating spaces are organised to incorporate views of lush greenery. The hawker centre will also be a place for community bonding and social interaction for residents and visitors of Bukit Canberra.

With so many good amenities and facilities in Bukit Canberra, the residents of Sembawang and neighbouring Yishun are excited and can’t wait for it to open!